Sunday, March 16, 2014

Culinary Techniques: Week 1

It has been one exciting week. While learning more about what goes on in the kitchen, it has increased my appreciation for the food that I eat. I feel more comfortable in the kitchen; even though I may be physically exhausted when I get home, I am still able to muster up some energy to whip up something. The hardest part for me so far is remembering the french terminology and my knife skills.

This week we learned two different ways to prepare vegetables, how to prepare stocks and emulsified sauces, how to prepare different sauces from stock, and how to cook beans and preserve food.

There are different ways that vegetables are cut. Cutting/shaping the vegetables helps achieve certain textures and allows even cooking time.

Since different vegetables yield different cooking times it is important to prepare each vegetable separately before cooking them together to create one unified dish. 

To ensure that each bite will be filled with flavor, each piece of vegetable is carefully seasoned to perfection before strategically assembled to be appealing to the eye.
To create a good stock, it takes more than boiling bones and vegetables until you get a flavored liquid. You need to strategically decide what kind of stock you are going to make then prepare each ingredient to achieve your goal. In a way, chefs are artists as well. 

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