Monday, March 31, 2014

Culinary Techniques: Week 3

This week we learned the art of cooking meat. We learned the difference between wet and dry heat and how to combine it to achieve mixed cooking. I learned how to cook meat to how to dismantle a bird. Although the week is a bit of a blur and it's hard to fully understand everything that we have learned, I still feel like I am slowly improving as a chef to be.

Above: Paulet Saute Chasseur- Sauteed Chicken & Paulet Roti Grand-Mere- Roasted Chicken 

I am embarrassed to admit that up until I had to cut a chicken apart, I couldn't really tell the difference between which is white meat and which is dark. This week we learned to truss a chicken, cut it into pieces, and prepare it.

Canard Roti A L'orange- Roast Duck with Orange Sauce 
 I have to say that my favorite dish to prepare and eat is the duck. It is such a simple yet delicious dish.

After a week filled with mostly chicken and a duck, we finished it off with some veal, lamb, and beef. 

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