Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Art of French Dessert

Wednesday May 7, 2014, French Institute Alliance Francaise Presents:
The Art of French Dessert: Cronuts, Chocolate, Pastries 

Featuring: Dominique Ansel, Zachery Golper, Jacques Torres

Food has become more and more of a hype. With the help of marketing and branding, chefs have become the new wave of celebrities. People want to meet those responsible for creating a more delicious life for others and are curious about what they are like. Without the intention of becoming famous, these chefs started working with food out of necessity or simply for the love of working with it. Their passion in the field permeates through their products and reaches their customers. Although these three men may be different in many ways, they all share the same bond in their love for food and love for their business.
Jacques Torres advised that we should do what we love and have pride in seeing your products after it has been created. Dominique Ansel said that he does what he loves  and loves what he does, and to make his business successful, finds people who share the same passion.
I have heard that many business owners have to really give up what they love doing and hire people to do it so they have more time to manage the business. Zachery Golper, however, says that he is able to find some time throughout his day to sneak into his production kitchen and spend some time working with the doughs that he loves so much. Despite various setbacks and hardships, these chefs have accomplished a great deal to get to where they are today. It seems the key is to learn from one another and support each other. The industry is already very tough as it is. 

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