Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Macaron Day 2015

Every year to welcome the first day of spring, Macaron Day encourages people to roam the city in search of the best tasting macarons. This year, despite it being the first day of spring, it felt like it was still the middle of winter. The snow was not giving up. It was happy to come down on the eve of spring.

Despite the wind and snow trying to keep us indoors, we bravely marched on through the day making it to almost all the participants except for two.

Although macarons was our ultimate goal, it was nice to walk around the city and explore the various bakeries to see what they had to offer. Best of all, we got to sample the macarons for free and decide where to go back when we crave for more of this delightful treat.

One of the highlights of our journey was meeting Florian Bellanger, the owner and chef of MadMac. It's true dedication when the chef himself interacts directly with the customers of Macaron Day. (Perhaps one day I will find that much passion as to do something even when I don't have to. Wait... that's writing this blog!) Upon arriving at the little sweet shop hidden inside a store, we saw the chef meticulously arranging the macarons to perfection.

After a long tiring day walking around the city scouting for macarons, I was finally able to go home and lay out the loot I had collected and taste them.

My top three favorites were MadMac, Mille Feuille, and Biscous Ciao. Out of all the macarons I tasted, they had the best mouthfeel and shell to filling ratio along with the taste. The experience made me realize that I prefer a macaron with a strong shell that holds its shape and stay pretty but gives in when bitten to melt away delicately while the shell crumbles with each bite. As for most unique taste, I would have to give it to Spot Dessert Shop for the Thai Tea flavor. And the juiciest macaron goes to the passion fruit flavor from Sugar and Plumm.

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